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Church of Scotland Resources for YOYP

The Church Toolkit gives a number of ideas of things to do and ways to involve young people, however they connect to your church.

Toolkits are only of use if they are put into use, and this will involve imagination in using some of the ideas on offer. We hope that the suggestions and ideas will spark off ideas that you can use in your context. But please, be encouraged to do something.

Year of Young People Church Toolkit: Unpacked

Below you will find an unpacked version of the Toolkit with various downloadable PDFs including the poster, prayer, volunteer certificate and more.

Year of Young People Songs


Every Single Little Thing


Hear Our Voice


When Someone Has a Problem


Download CrossReach Guide


CrossReach Children & Family Services have introduced a new tool Calamari SHANARRI

The eight legs stand for the eight wellbeing indicators - Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, and Included.

Anyone can make an octopus and CALAMARI can be used with groups of children, young people and adults and indeed all ages mixed together. The indicators are useful tools to help focus on individual strengths & weaknesses. For more information download the guide and visit the CrossReach website.