The Church of Scotland Yearbook

Yearbook 2018 2019

The Church of Scotland Yearbook (known informally as the Red Book) is an annual directory of the church at local, regional, and national levels.

It contains contact information for ministers, deacons, readers, and ministries development staff, as well as for presbytery clerks and the councils, committees, and certain staff in the church offices.

It also contains congregational statistics for every parish, including:

  • Number of communicant members
  • Number of elders
  • Membership numbers of the Church of Scotland Guild
  • Parish's income
  • Number of young people (under the age of eighteen)

The greater part of the book is in a print edition with the rest of the material found on a number of websites, mainly that of the Church of Scotland. Web addresses are given in the relevant parts of the book.

Where the user of the book is directed to this page on the Church of Scotland's website, the relevant sections are found below, given in the order of the book.

Paperback copies of the Yearbook can be purchased from a number of outlets, including St Andrew Press and the Cornerstone Bookshop.

Sections not included in the print edition