Congregational resources

Conversations in Discipleship

This booklet is designed to help church members deepen both their understanding and practice of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus today. It can be used by Kirk Sessions, small groups, or in any other way that suits your congregation. A step-by-step guide on how to run a session is included.

What can I say?

This resource includes some brief responses to things that people say about Christianity. It is produced by "Why Believe?", an interdominational group of Christians.

Future Focus: a way forward for congregations

Future Focus is a facilitated resource. General information is available to download below, but to request a facilitator please contact or the Church Offices in Edinburgh.

Holy Communion

People share some thoughts from their own experience and perspectives on aspects of Holy Communion which have contributed to the understanding of the Task Group on Worship and Doctrine. The ideas here are offered to promote thought and understanding of an important aspect of our worship life together.

Holy Communion Symposium Speeches

Cairngorms Christian Centre, Kincraig

The Church owns an outdoor centre in Speyside which is ideal for retreats and for youth group weekends. Opened in 1976, it has been operated since April 2007 by a group of Christians from local congregations. Full details can be found at, and enquiries regarding bookings can be emailed to or telephone 01540 651373.

For resources about social issues, education, climate change, and other resources about political and ethical issues, visit our Speak Out section.