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The Committee on Church Art and Architecture advises and regulates the development of buildings to meet new needs and circumstances in partnership with the General Trustees.

Areas of work

The Committee advises congregations and presbyteries regarding the most appropriate way of carrying out renovations, alterations, and reordering of interiors, having regard to the architectural quality of Church buildings. It also advises on the installation of stained glass, tapestries, memorials, furniture, and furnishings, and provides advice on the repair, maintenance, or renewal of organs.

Any alteration in the exterior or interior of a Church building which affects its appearance must be referred to the Committee for approval, preferably at an early stage. Members of the Committee are prepared, when necessary, to visit churches and meet office-bearers with the services offered by the Committee free of charge.

The Committee seeks the conservation of the nation's heritage as expressed in its Church buildings, whilst at the same time helping to ensure that these buildings continue to serve the worship and witness of the Church in the present day.

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