Items offered and wanted

Welcome to our online service for parishes and presbyteries where you can offer or donate items no longer needed, or advertise for something you are looking for, from hymn books to furniture.

To advertise

Email the web team at with a brief description, and a contact name, telephone number and email address if you have one.


This is not a general 'for sale' facility. The basis of the transfer (gift, donation in return, sale) is a matter for agreement between the parties concerned. The Church of Scotland website takes no responsibility for transfers and exchanges and no guarantee of quality is given on these web pages.

We reserve the right to delete or withhold information about items offered through this service or edit the online information given. Items will stay online for four months and will then be deleted unless a renewed request is received. Please let us know if you are successful so we can update this page.

Items offered

Wooden and plastic chairs

28 wooden chairs and 46 brown polypropylene chairs - both types in usable condition.

Contact: Rev Jim McNeil via email or call on 01259 760260

Items wanted

Book of Common Order

Seeking a Book of Common Order, 1949 edition.

Contact: Dennis Rose on 01259692451

Church bells

Maybole Parish Church is looking for church bells that are redundant to make a small carillon.

Please contact Rev Dr Robert Pickles at

Church cloth: Pulpit falls, bible markers etc.

Crosshill and Maybole Parishes is looking for old pulpit falls and bible markers or any other former church cloth items that are no longer used. We may use for restoration or for an art work we are creating – please send to and please label origins. Textiles in any condition will be received.

Contact: Rev Dr Robert G Pickles at

Or post to: The linked charge of Crosshill and Maybole Parishes, 74a Culzean Rd, Maybole, Ayrshire, Ka19 8AH

Copies of CH4

Saltcoats St Cuthbert's is looking for more copies of CH4 (preferably large print version).

Contact: Rev. S. Nicol on 01294 605109


St Mary's Church in Hamilton is looking for a lectern to place on a hall communion table for Guild meetings. Guild meets every Tuesday evening, having around 60 members. Wooden or brass. If lucky enough to be given this special gift, they plan a rededication in church.

Contact: St Mary's Church on 01698 422511


Parish of Newbattle are looking for gopack tables of any size and tables that might be suitable for a café area.

Please contact the Newbattle Parish Church office on 0131 663 3245