About us

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Society, Religion and Technology keeps the Church and its members informed of the most recent developments in science and technology. Working with experts in related fields, SRT helps the Church create official policies on such issues as climate change, medical ethics, and digital surveillance. It also helps individuals and congregations explore these topics and the ethics surrounding them.

Now in its 50th year, SRT has become known for its work on complex issues, starting with North Sea Oil and moving through nuclear energy, cloning, stem cell research, and social justice. SRT works closely with those in the sciences, medical fields, government, and industry to thoroughly understand these issues and help the Church make informed policy decisions.

Climate change and sustainability have been major areas of focus for SRT from the very beginning. Today, it promotes environmental action through the Eco-congregation Scotland programme.

SRT team

SRT is currently led by Dr Murdo Macdonald (SRT Policy Officer) and Karen Hunter (SRT Administrator), both of whom are based at the Church of Scotland offices in Edinburgh. The work is overseen by a committee of nine people drawn from the fields of science, medicine, and technology. The committee is currently chaired by Dr Caroline Cowan, former Director of Science and Innovation at the British Embassy in Brazil. SRT frequently consults with outside experts when working on a particular topic.

SRT Week of Prayer

SRT hosts a week of prayer during the second week in June each year. This date was chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the birth of one of Scotland's greatest scientists, the physicist James Clerk-Maxwell. Clerk-Maxwell was a prominent Christian and an elder of the Church of Scotland.

More information

Please feel free to contact us at srtp@churchofscotland.org.uk or to follow us on Twitter @SRTScotland. You can also download our Week of Prayer Leaflet and our SRT leaflet.