Seminar series: Effectiveness of the Presbyterian form of Church governance

The Church's Special Commission into the Effectiveness of Presbyterian Form of Church Governance presented its report to the General Assembly in 2021. As part of this report, the Church hosted a series of seminars exploring topics such as governance systems and effective leadership. Recordings of the seminars, which were held online, are available below.

Lecture 1: Governance systems

A discussion of the current system of Church Courts within our Presbyterian system and how these can be shaped for the future.

  • Lead: Rev Dr George Whyte, Principal Clerk of the General Assembly
  • Panel: Laura Dunlop QC, Procurator to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland; Rev Dr Grant Barclay, Interim Clerk, Presbytery of Glasgow.

Lecture 2: Leadership in the 21st century

Shared Leadership is part of the DNA of Presbyterianism. As the Church seeks to navigate profound change there are calls for individuals to provide inspirational leadership. Are these two compatible? What might healthy leadership look like in a Presbyterian Church that is fully participating in God's mission?

  • Facilitator: Very Rev Dr Martin Fair, Former Moderator of the Church of Scotland and Parish Minister
  • Lead: Rev Dr Neil Dougall, Parish Minister
  • Panel: Rev Sheila Mitchell, Parish Minister; Rev Dr Lynn McChlery, Parish Minister