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Each week we feature an online service from the previous Sunday and a prayer from the Weekly Worship materials prepared for that date. We'd love you to join in worship with us.

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Prayer of the Week 25 - 31 October 2021

Prayer of approach/confession

Triumphant praise and joy
These we bring as we enter Your court with praise and thanksgiving
Bowing our heads and joining in prayer
For You O God are gracious and Your mercy everlasting

This is the day You have made for worship
and we thank You for it
we thank You for each other
for the people we are and the places we have come from
for all that we shall become as we walk with You
For all You have given, we praise and worship You.

We thank You for the love of Christ encircling us,
Your Spirit guiding us,
so that we might bring our lives before You,
in praise and worship

Loving God,
You are ever at work in our lives and
striving to help and strengthen our world,
heal and comfort, forgive and restore,
undo wrongs and establish right.

Merciful God,
we have not been humble.
We have discouraged others from seeking You.
We have not sought Your wisdom.
We have been rude and selfish in our own wants and actions.
We have hurt others by intended words spoken and actions not done –
some known to us and other unknowns to us

We know what we have done
please forgive our faults

While we deserve only judgement
You offer us grace,
and the hope of life renewed.

Merciful Father
we praise You that through Jesus Christ
we are forgiven we are renewed
and through Him we are taught how to live and serve

God of restoration,
in our blindness and ignorance,
You open our eyes and lead us to truth;
in our arrogance and defiance,
You still our souls and teach us humility;
in our weakness and displacement,
You protect us and lead us home;

And so we praise You and thank You,
with all our hearts.

Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord who taught us when we pray to say
Our Father ….

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