Guide to Gaelic worship and Biblical study

The Church has created a new guide for Gaelic speakers and learners who wish to lead worship in the language, engage in Bible study, or follow sermons more confidently.

Something for everyone

The booklet, which was compiled by the Kirk's Gaelic Language Development Officer Dr Duncan Sneddon and supported by a range of academics and Gaelic speakers, will hopefully be useful to a wide range of people. This includes those who grew up speaking the language but were discouraged from using Gaelic in formal contexts such as church or school, those who may have become out of practice after moving to English-speaking areas, and those who are just now discovering the Gaelic language.

What's included

Sections include advice on using different translations of the Bible alongside key differences between them, a glossary of relevant words, and notes on potentially difficult grammar used within the Gaelic Bible. There's also guidance on the numbering system for biblical references and sung worship, terms for different denominations and celebrations within the Christian calendar, and recommended websites for further material.

Download the booklet

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Gaelic handbook cover

Download the booklet