Lent reflections

Mrs Sandra McNicol, member of Maxwell Mearns Castle Church, Glasgow and Mr Andrew Kimmitt, member of Coldside Parish, Dundee gives their thoughts on Lent.... Read more

General Assembly 2014

This year's General Assembly will take place from the May 17 to 23 in the General Assembly Hall on The Mound in Edinburgh. It has met almost every year since... Read more

Resourcing mission

Resourcing Mission is the mission based resource website by our Mission and Discipleship Council.... Read more

Heart and Soul 2014

Heart and Soul 2014 takes place on May 18, 2014 and takes as its theme, "Hands Across The World" which aims to celebrate the life of the church through the lens of its international heritage, relationships and partners.

Life events

The Church of Scotland plays an essential role in providing worship and spiritual guidance for key life events, from child blessings and baptisms to marriage and funerals.

Learning to be hopeful

Priority Areas Secretary Martin Johnstone strives to see the best in people for Lent.

Church of Scotland chooses new Moderator Designate

Rev John Chalmers named as the Moderator Designate to take office at the 2014 General Assembly.

Get involved!

Vacancies and volunteering

The Church is looking to recruit for a number of roles across Scotland. These roles range from family/ youth/ outreach workers to more traditional Parish... Read more

Go For It Fund

Go For It is about funding change in church and community. The Fund aims to encourage creative ways of working which develop the life and... Read more

The Guild

The Church of Scotland Guild is a movement within the Church of Scotland which invites and encourages both women and men to commit their lives... Read more

Mission worldwide

The aim of the World Mission Council is to enable the Church of Scotland, as part of the holy catholic or universal Church, to participate... Read more

Your local church

Find where your nearest local church is by entering your postcode, town or city into our church finder.

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On this day in April

The life of the Scottish church is rich in story and we lose a great deal if we allow their witness to drain away and be forgotten... Read more

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Church of Scotland banner at demonstration

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