Advent reflections

Each day we will have new speaker reflecting on advent.... Read more

Life and Work

Life and Work is the magazine of the Church of Scotland. In a history spanning over 130 years, it has established itself as the pre-eminent voice of the Church of... Read more

Violence against women

The Church of Scotland is committed to addressing issues of violence against women. Violence against women is an umbrella term which includes (but is not limited to) rape, sexual exploitation,... Read more

Vocations Champions get to work

The first Vocations Champions recruited by the Church of Scotland are beginning their work after being inducted into their new roles.... Read more

WW1 Christmas truce football match replicated in Glasgow

The Church of Scotland played a leading role in organising a moving centenary tribute to the remarkable Christmas truce which broke out between British and German troops during WW1.... Read more

Church offers take on UN climate change summit

On Sunday in Lima a UN climate change conference ended with different takes on the progress achieved toward tackling this pressing issue.... Read more

Moderator’s pride at son’s Sports Personality of the Year award

The Moderator of the General Assembly has spoken of his pride at seeing his son be part of a team which picked up a prestigious BBC Sports Personality of the... Read more

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Vacancies and volunteering

The Church is looking to recruit for a number of roles across Scotland. These roles range from family/ youth/ outreach workers to more traditional Parish... Read more

Go For It Fund

Go For It is about funding change in church and community. The Fund aims to encourage creative ways of working which develop the life and... Read more

The Guild

The Church of Scotland Guild is a movement within the Church of Scotland which invites and encourages both women and men to commit their lives... Read more

Mission worldwide

The aim of the World Mission Council is to enable the Church of Scotland, as part of the holy catholic or universal Church, to participate... Read more

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Life events

Weddings, funerals and baptisms

The Church of Scotland provides worship and spiritual guidance for key life events, such as baptisms, marriage and funerals... Read more

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Find out about being involved in our work and supporting our current campaigns. Read more