Pension Trustees

An update from the pensions team as at 25 March 2020

We are going to do our best to deliver key services to our members following the closure of our offices.

You can now contact us as follows:

By email at We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can but there may be a delay in responding.

By phone: we expect to have very limited phone service so please leave this option free for members in receipt of a pension who have no access to email.

If you are in receipt of a pension and you do not have access to email you can phone us on 0131 240 2255

We’ll update you if there are any other changes.

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The Pension Trustees are responsible for the Church's three defined benefit pension schemes, which are now closed to future accrual and new members. The schemes are for:

  • Ministers and Overseas Missionaries (including sections for Ministers Main Pension Fund, Widows and Orphans and the Contributors Fund)
  • Staff (including sections for staff of the Social Care Council and of the Central Services Committee)
  • Ministries Development Staff (previously know as the scheme for Presbytery and Parish Workers)

The benefits provided by the three pension schemes differ in detail, but all exist to provide a pension to the scheme member. Members of these schemes also have the option to make additional voluntary contributions.

The Pension Trustees remit

The Trustees' duties and powers are detailed in Trust law, pensions acts and other regulations, but their main duty is to administer the pension schemes and invest the scheme funds accordingly.

The investment of the funds is delegated to external investment managers under the guidelines and investment principles set up by the Trustees. These managers are: Legal & General Investment Management Ltd, and Baillie Gifford & Co.

Pension documents for the General Assembly 2019


The General Assembly may appoint up to six Employer nominated Trustees. Scheme members may nominate up to three Member Nominated Trustees. The chairperson is Graeme Caughey.

Current Trustees

Contact for more information

For further information about any of the Church of Scotland pension schemes please contact