Ministries handbooks, forms and guidance notes

The Ascend website provides resources for those involved in the ministries of the Church. Resources include handbooks, guidance notes, and forms for candidates, probationers, ordained local ministers, locums, presbyteries, interim moderators, supervisors, readers, assessors, and nominating committees.

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Interim moderators, nominating committees and parish profiles

The vacancy guidelines document is designed to help Kirk Sessions and Interim Moderators in vacant or soon-to-be vacant charges. These guidelines are not exhaustive but may be helpful for those who find themselves, perhaps for the first time, involved in looking for a minister for their congregation and parish.

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Candidates, probationers and supervisors handbooks and forms

The Church provides specific handbooks for candidates, probationers and supervisors to aid in the process of training for ministry.

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Locum forms and guidance notes

The locum appointment form is for use when a locum is being paid through the Ministry Payroll on behalf of a charge. The locum appointment guidance notes provide information on salary costs, payroll, pension contributions, holidays, and locum sickness. The locum FAQs answers questions on linked charges, additional support, ordained local ministry, and more

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Ordained Local Ministry forms and guidance notes

The OLM review template is designed to enable presbyteries to fulfil their requirement to engage in regular reviews with each Ordained Local Minister. The OLM FAQs covers topics such as time commitment, continuing ministerial development, payment, serving as a locum, contracts, and more.

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Readership handbook and forms

The readership handbook is for those training for the ministry of readership. The handbook includes information on the role of readers, training for the role and presbytery responsibilities.

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Manse condition schedule

The manse condition schedule, along with guidelines and regulations for manses, is for assisting congregations in keeping up to date with the maintenance and repair of manses.

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Study leave

Please note that the study leave forms available on Ascend replace those previously available here. From 1st October, the old forms will not be accepted. This includes the Pulpit Supply form; if you are planning to take Study Leave, please inform your church’s Treasurer about the new forms as they may have old copies saved on file.