Each day: a prayer from Lezley Stewart

A prayer from Rev Dr Lezley Stewart, the Church of Scotland's Recruitment and Support Secretary.

Lezley Stewart on a white background

Each new day
we celebrate what it is to be free -
to live our lives in fullness.
This is the eternal gift of God.

But freedom and fullness lives in the simple
⁃ in each breath we take
⁃ in knowing we have a roof over our heads
⁃ in the love of family and community
⁃ all the things we might usually take for granted...

Freedom also invites the gift of generosity
⁃ to continue to give where we can
⁃ to support one another as we are able and go the extra mile
⁃ to offer a welcome smile and forget the more formal handshake of yesterday
⁃ to be what we have always been called to be - human.

This is not a Church crisis, a worship crisis, nor a financial crisis
⁃ this is about the gift of life, which is for all, irrespective of birth, status or circumstances.

As we remember the most simple of these things, may we be inspired to renew calm, peace and hope in every new day.

For in the midst of all storms a Presence is found, and freedom in Christ remains.