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Life and Work is the magazine of the Church of Scotland. In a history spanning over 130 years, it has established itself as the pre-eminent voice of the Church of Scotland. You can read more about its history here.

Though firmly rooted in the affairs of the Kirk, it also aims to cover a broad range of subjects of interest to church-goers across the spectrum from international affairs and British political and social issues to science, ethics and the arts. Each monthly issue includes a forum for views on current social and moral issues, a monthly meditation and regular articles on the spiritual side of life, reviews of the latest books, videos and Christian resources, and regular features on the Church worldwide. Find out how to take out a subscription.

The current issue: April 2015

Easter 2015
The Rev Dr Martin Fair considers whether the risen Christ can be encountered when least expected.
Easter reflections from Ron Ferguson and the Very Rev Dr James Simpson.
The Big Question: Is enough emphasis placed on Easter?
Easter prayer from the Moderator of the General Assembly

The Water of Life
In the month of April showers, Jackie Macadam considers the impact of water (either too much or too little) on the lives of millions of people – and their faith.

Engineering a New Future
Angus Armstrong highlights the work of a Christian charity bringing clean water and sanitation to impoverished communities.

A Beadle's Tale
The Very Rev Dr James Simpson sheds light on the history of the Church of Scotland Beadle.

The Money Question
The Rt Rev John Chalmers emphasises the importance of affordable credit.

'An Extraordinary Possibility'
The Rev Professor David Fergusson considers the differences – and links – between science and faith.

Striving for a Fairer Nation
Thomas Baldwin discovers the plans of the Rev Martin Johnstone, new Secretary to the Church and Society Council.

Memorial to a Pioneer
Moves to commemorate the life of Robert Stirling, Church of Scotland minister and groundbreaking engineer and inventor.

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One of the magazine's most important elements is reader feedback. Our letters pages are among the liveliest in the magazine business, and are very revealing about general attitudes both within and beyond the Church. We actively encourage letters, but do ask that they are kept succinct (and not without humour), so we can publish as many as possible.

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