International Family Camp

Saturday 4 August, 2018

This summer, the International Family Camp organised by the Church of Scotland and the Evangelical Church of the Czech Bretheren will take place on 4 - 11 August at Carronvale House in Larbert. ...

National Youth Assembly 2018

Friday 17 August, 2018

Held annually the residential event is for young adults aged between 17 and 25 that have some connection with the Church of Scotland.

Rural Road Shows 2018

Rural Resourcing Roadshows 2018

Wednesday 22 August, 2018

The Rural Working Group of the Church of Scotland has been created to resource and support the 43% of Church of Scotland Parishes that are rural.

Equip for Sports

Saturday 8 September, 2018

Join us for our first-ever Equip for Sports event, featuring Mark Fleming, from Sports Chaplaincy UK, encouraging our churches to use sport as a way of connecting with our communities.

Autumn Retreats: Day of Trees

Saturday 15 September, 2018

The "Day of Trees" retreat offers an opportunity to deepen your devotional life. Using trees as a focus, the day will include insights from Scripture, time outside, reflection, prayer and worship.

Good Money Week

Wednesday 3 October, 2018

At this year’s Good Money Week conference we will provide you with an opportunity to consider how your faith, values and finances interact.


Faith Formation in a Secular Age

Thursday 4 October, 2018

This key conference for church leaders will explore the theological thinking behind faith formation and discipleship for all.

Relational Ministry Re-imagined

Saturday 6 October, 2018

Relational ministry will be re-imagined not as seeking to influence people toward some end (to accept Jesus/to avoid immoral behaviour/to come to church) but rather, seeing it as place-sharing.

Pastoral Care Conference 2018

Saturday 10 November, 2018

The Pastoral Care Conference 2018 will focus on how to nurture and share Christian pastoral care. The aim of this conference is to provide delegates with initial resources and practical guidance, and to stimulate them ...