Guild Events

Have a look at the upcoming Guild events. There is a Guild meeting happening near you soon, so contact us to find out where and pop along!

Guild visioning conference - postponed

Venue and date to be confirmed

This event will be an opportunity for representatives from Guilds and Guilds Together Groups to come together and develop our vision for the Guild for the next 10 years. This event will build on the work of the Action Plan. Please contact your local Guilds Together Group if you are interested in taking part.

Guild Annual Gathering 2021

Assembly Hall, Edinburgh - 04 September 2021

Join us for a day of celebration of The Guild. With guest speakers, fabulous music and amazing singing this is a 'not to miss' day for all Guild members. Numbers are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

Office bearer events

Resource Co-ordinators Conference - October 2021 - held virtually

This event, being held in Regional groupings, brings together the Resource Coordinators from each Guilds Together. We will look together at the new theme and topic guide 'Lights and Bushels' and discuss other resources. Information has been Guilds Together Resource Coordinators.

Project Co-ordinators Conference - April 2022

This event, held for Project Co-ordinators, is an opportunity to hear more about developments in each of our six projects. There will be workshops led by each Project partner which will give Coordinators the opportunity to discuss in detail how things are progressing. Full details will be posted to Project Co-ordinators ahead of the event.