Lighthearted lament lifts lockdown spirits

A church elder from Aberdeenshire has written a comedy song about the COVID-19 lockdown.

Jeannie Price said she has tried to reflect the experiences and observations of most people over the last year in the lighthearted lyrics.

Jeannie Price
Jeannie Price

It is set to the tune of traditional folk song, Wild Rover.

Mrs Price, 57, a member of Methlick Parish Church, said she tries to hold onto the lighter side of life and faith and a sense of humour has helped her get through the past year.

The song touches on familiar themes like home schooling, baking sourdough bread, video conferencing, exercising with TV fitness coach, Joe Wicks, and poking fun at politicians' hair.

Mrs Price of Udny Green said: "I have been writing comic verse and parodies of well-known songs for a while but it was not a conscious decision to write a lockdown song.

"The Scottish Government announcement a few weeks ago about restrictions continuing with no real timeline for lifting them left me feeling very flat because there was nothing to look forward to.

"The stint since January has felt very long even though we know there is a vaccine so I asked God ‘what can I do today to make a difference and be salt and light?

"I was out walking the dog and inspiration for the song just came to me.

"I posted a video online and the reaction has been very nice with lots of people saying it summed up lockdown and cheered them up."

Be church wherever we are

Mrs Price, a mother of three who is a public relations and marketing professional by trade, said she is very thankful that her family has remained healthy over the last 12 months and some good has come out of the lockdown.

"My husband David and I and another couple run Alpha through the church and we did our first online course, which explores life, faith and meaning, and it was phenomenal," she added.

"I have been trying to hold onto the positives and in some respects, I am less perturbed by the building being closed and the challenge is to ‘be the church wherever we are'."

Although buildings are temporarily closed, the Church of Scotland is thriving online with most congregations providing content during the week and on Sundays.

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