Themes, Topics and Strategies

Every three years, a strategy is decided by the Guild and within that are three annual themes. There is also a new discussion topic for every year. See below for the current theme, topic and strategy.

Strategy 2015-2018 - "Be Bold, Be Strong!"

Theme 2017-2018 - "Go in LOVE!"

Annual themes were introduced to encourage Guilds to plan their programmes more effectively. These resources were introduced in the 1950s to give a focus for Guilds but are sufficiently broad to allow for imaginative planning.

Discussion Topic 2017-2018 - "Loving when it's difficult to love"

Topics offer a chance to explore a particular issue of current concern, possibly leading to some local action.

Resource material for each topic is prepared and circulated before each new session and training days are offered to help local leadership teams address the topic in their local groups.

You can download the 2017 -18 "Go in Love" Theme and Discussion Topic guide.

There are also a selection of additional materials that you might find useful.

Love is template

Love related hymn quiz and answers.

Famous lovers quiz and answers.

Love songs quiz and answers.

For a list of all previous themes, topics and strategies, please see the resources page where you can download this information.