The Christian churches have a long and honourable history of offering hospitality to the stranger and to homeless people, and many of the key organisations on which public services depend are operated by church-based organisations, including CrossReach, Bethany Christian Trust, and The Salvation Army.

Many of Scotland's housing associations, though now operated on a secular basis, have their roots in church initiatives – Trust Housing (formerly Kirk Care), Castle Rock, Glasgow West, and others.

Scottish Churches Housing Action

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Hebrews 13:2

Scottish Churches Housing Action was established in 1994 to bring together the major Christian denominations, with an emphasis on ecumenical action, and on developing new responses that prevent homelessness or provide routes out of homelessness.

It operates under the slogan No room for homelessness! with a vision that there can be a Scotland free of homelessness. Its purpose is to mobilise and support the churches of all denominations in making their contribution to this objective, alongside and complementary to the work of public and other agencies.

Homeless Sunday

Each year Housing Justice join their sister organisation Scottish Churches Housing Action in organising Homeless Sunday.

Homeless Sunday is a chance for Churches and Christian groups from across the country join together to pray, reflect, and plan practical action on homelessness, but also for a united christian voice to offer solidarity and be a prophetic voice for change.

Homelessness has an impact across the country and affects people of all ages. This campaign encourages churches to hear these stories and do more, through reflection and action to challenge homelessness.

Homeless Sunday across Great Britain engages hundreds of churches. It has the support of all the main denominations and is celebrated in a wide range of congregations: make yours one of them!