Food justice

The Church is working to help relieve food poverty, and congregations from different denominations across the country have been involved in establishing and running food banks. This has become the biggest charitable effort by churches in the past decade.

Food banks cannot be a long-term solution to food poverty in Scotland, but there may be ways in which the groundswell of community responses to food poverty which they represent can be harnessed to develop more sustainable, local, community-based responses which have a major part to play alongside the structural changes needed to eliminate food poverty.

Glasgow food bank database

The Presbytery of Glasgow manages an online database of free food providers supported by local congregations. The database includes venues, dates, times of distribution, and contact details for the coordinator of each project.

The list is now updated by the committee every three months and the information is maintained on the Presbytery website. It is now possible for free food providers to contact the committee to request that any stock items which are currently running low are included on the website information so that these items can be requested. Social media has also been found to be an effective means of requesting and obtaining local support.

Becoming a Good Food Nation

Scotland should become a Good Food Nation, a Land of Food and Drink not only in what we as a nation produce but also in what we buy, serve and eat. The Scottish Government wants food to be a key part of what makes the people of Scotland proud of their country – food which is both tasty to eat and nutritious, fresh and environmentally sustainable.

Becoming a Good Food Nation, Scottish Government

The Church of Scotland supports the idea of a good food nation but we believe that the continued existence of widespread food poverty makes this aspiration seem a distant prospect. We choose to focus on this because we believe that this is the most pressing and urgent barrier to Scotland becoming a Good Food Nation.