Political projects and resources

The Church is involved with several campaigns and organisations working to create greater engagement with politics in Scotland and the UK.

The European Union

European Union

The Church of Scotland supports membership of the European Union.

The Church highly values being part of an international community, which transcends national barriers in order to promote peace and democracy, and bridges the gap between rich and poor in Europe and around the world.

There has long been movement of people across Europe and a history of engagement between the countries. The current conversation should be set in this historical context and understood as a re-negotiation rather than a departure.


The Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office is a multi-denominational organisation which exists to build fruitful relationships between the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Government, religious groups in Scotland, and the UK Parliament and Government.

SCPO enables Scotland’s churches to engage effectively in the political process through updates and briefings to MSPs and MPs, to faith groups, and by bringing people together for dialogue. Often, this is in partnership with other groups in Scottish civil society.

Meet Your MSP and Meet Your MP

Meet Your MSP

Meet Your MSP is an SCPO project that aims to build links between congregations and the recently elected members of the Scottish Parliament.

Meet Your MP is an exciting new project from SCPO – building links between congregations and their 59 MPs across Scotland.

Ideas include public meetings, an invitation to a project or church event that you are already organising, or it could be a walk in your local area to highlight issues that you would like addressed.

Democracy Matters

Democracy Matters is an informal alliance of over 30 civil society organisations and community education providers. The alliance promotes learning for democracy, citizenship, participation and practical politics, particularly among people who have least power in society.

Give Me Five campaign

Give Me Five campaign

Increasing child benefit by just £5 a week for every child could lift thousands of children out of poverty.

The Give Me Five campaign is calling on MSPs to ensure the 2019/20 budget and Scottish Government spending plans include a top-up of child benefit by £5 per week.

Challenge Poverty Week

Challenge Poverty Week is a time for us to join together to challenge the existence of poverty in our communities.

The campaign's vision is to end child poverty - to listen to those affected by poverty, to invest in high quality education for every child, liveable wages for families and a social security system which make respect for human rights and dignity the cornerstone of a new approach to welfare.