A Place at the Table

The conflict in Syria continues to rage, claiming the lives of thousands of people and leaving millions homeless and without the basic necessities of life. We are asking you to get involved in 'A Place at the Table' to help our partner the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL) as they reach out to the refugees to provide food, shelter and hygiene supplies.

You can help make a difference, it's as easy as setting 'A place at the Table' and giving the money you would have spent on that extra meal to help feed a family in Syria.

The resources on this page will provide you with more information about Syria and our partner, as well as full details of how to get involved and donate. Please download them and share with others.


Help us have peace in Syria

Dr Mary Mikhael from our partner the National Evangelical Synod of Syria urges us to continue praying for an end to the war that is crushing Syria and its people.

God for sure loves the peace-makers... help us have peace.

"We depend on God first and on all nations that love peace and justice to help the Syrians come together and together build a new Syria. We urge all nations to help bring this mad violence to an end. Help Syria have life.

"God for sure loves the peace-makers. Help us have peace. We are grateful to The Church of Scotland for being a sister. Thank God for you witness and for your service.

"May God continue to bless and guide you all."

Read a message from the Very Rev Lorna Hood.