Out of Africa into Malta

They arrive exhausted, grieving the loss of husbands, wives or children on their journey through the Sahara, then Libya’s conflicts and across the Mediterranean to Malta. The island which welcomed St. Paul then puts them into detention; into open centres where the tents and “cabins” (old shipping containers) breed disease in the baking heat of summer, and misery in the damp cold of winter.

Out of Africa… into Malta is St. Andrew’s Scots Church, in partnership with others, like Red Cross Malta, responding to these deep human needs. It could be providing coolboxes in summer to keep heat, dirt and rats at bay; or snowsuits (yes, really!) in winter to keep little children warm and dry; or it could be offering companionship and friendship to people who have absolutely nothing and no-one.

The greatest need is to help families to leave the camps behind. So Malta Microfinance aims to help family groups stand on their own feet again. It seeks to offer people ways to rebuild their own, and their families, lives. Your support will transform lives out of all proportion to that which you can give.