Journeying Together

Journeying Together helps teenage mums in Kanyama to build a life of promise for themselves and their children.

Journeying Together

"I want to finish my exams; I would like my son to grow up to be a good man.” Michelle, 18 with her 10 month old son, Gasper.

In Kanyama, a high density area of Lusaka in Zambia, life can be difficult, particularly if you are a girl. These girls are very vulnerable. Many become pregnant at an early age and drop out of school, making employment hard to come by, continuing the vicious cycle of poverty.

The lack of proper drainage and sanitation in Kanyama means that during the rainy season severe flooding hits the community and the risk, of disease, such as cholera and dysentery, is much higher. Small babies and children are at risk particularly when their mothers are young girls who have little knowledge in parenting skills.

Journeying Together seeks to change this. The project provides mentoring and support for young mothers as they learn about nutrition, sexual and reproductive health and parenting skills. The young mothers are encouraged and supported to complete their education, or to take the option of vocational training.

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