Guild Events

Have a look at the upcoming Guild events. There is a Guild meeting happening near you soon, so contact us to find out where and pop along!

Christmas Big Sing

St George's Tron Church, Glasgow - 6 December 2019

Our popular Christmas Big Sing is happening again this year on 6 December in St George's Tron Church in Glasgow. Because of the size of the sanctuary, we will be having three sessions this year, each with approx 200 people. There will be sessions at 3pm, 4.30pm and 7pm. We hope that the evening session will be an opportunity for those who are normally working during the day to join us. Application forms will be available in your September mailing.

Guild 2020 visioning conference

St Matthew's Church, Perth - 14 March 2020

This event will be an opportunity for representatives from Guilds and Guilds Together Groups to come together and develop our vision for the Guild for the next 10 years. This event will build on the work of the Action Plan.

Office bearer events

Project Co-ordinators Conference - 16 April 2020

This event, held for Project Co-ordinators, is an opportunity to hear more about developments in each of our six projects. There will  be workshops led by each Project partner which will give Coordinators the opportunity to discuss in detail how things are progressing. Full details will be posted to Project Co-ordinators ahead of the event.

Guilds Together Conveners Conference - 04 June 2020

This event, held for Guilds Together Conveners, is an opportunity to come together and share ideas and information. The conference will take forward some of the conclusions of the 2020 visioning conference. Full details will be posted to Guilds Together Conveners ahead of the event.