Growing the Future

Malawi Fruits is a Scottish Christian Charity committed to working in Malawi to support young farmers in the North of the country.

Growing the future

Our aim is to lift hundreds of small-scale farmers out of poverty, and we see opportunities to bring great help through irrigation and crop processing.

We have a strong affinity with the Guild because of our shared commitment to practical Christian care. Our project, Growing the Future, is a new approach to supporting young farmers and bringing Good News.

We look forward to working in partnership with the Guild and together we will:

  • Work with Church Youth Groups to train and support the young people to grow cash crops using modern methods.
  • Provide solar-powered Futurepumps to enable the young people to grow crops using irrigation.
  • Provide access to a tractor and plough as part of the “Green Revolution” for these young farmers.
  • Connect young people with processing facilities and good markets to ensure that they are not exploited in any way.

Throughout all this, we will work with the Youth Groups to help young people recognise this help as a blessing from God and as a connection with the Global Church through the Guild and Malawi Fruits.

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