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Seema's project began initially in 2014 with the aim of building a home for abandoned street children from the red-light district of the city of Pune, India, and to build a rehabilitation centre for rescued victims of the sex industry.

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Over 3,000 women and girls are enslaved in the city of Pune’s brothels.

As happens in red-light districts globally, children of the prostitutes are thrown out of the brothels onto the street, where they are at risk of exploitation in all its forms. The Free to Live Trust partners the Rev Haribhau Waghmode Foundation in India.

By April 2017, thirty-two children were in residence in the children’s centre in Bori, a village outside Pune. With the support of the Guild we will develop the project further by rescuing more children and some of the trafficked women. We will introduce a feeding programme to support the children and encourage them back into education.

The inspiration for this work comes from Seema Waghmode, a Christian lady who has worked to improve the sexual health of the prostitutes for over 25 years, also rescuing their children. Seema explained that the motivation for this difficult and dangerous work is her faith. Please pray for Seema as she continues to rescue street children and prostitutes from all who would exploit them.

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