Faith in Young People

The Boys' Brigade ( BB ) is a volunteer-led youth organisation that provides youth work to the Christian church.

Faith in young people

Founded by Sir William Smith in Glasgow in 1883, we provide a space and place where children and young people can learn, grow, and discover.

We are committed to ensuring lives are enriched by helping children and young people reach their full potential. We do this by providing opportunities to meet and engage in a range of fun and developmental activities and experiences.

Today, the Boys' Brigade and the church face the same challenge of being more visible in our outreach and engagement with the wider community. The BB has a unique role to play as a mission partner for the church in Scotland. For many churches the BB provides a bridge into communities that they otherwise might find difficult to access, providing opportunities to engage young people and also their families.

Our new partnership with the Guild focuses on growing The Boys' Brigade across Scotland. Specifically this partnership will focus on three areas:

  • Growth in Faith
  • Growth in community partnerships
  • Growth in Young People

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For more information visit: Boys' Brigade Guild Partnership

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