Applying for a Small Grant

St Rollox Community Outreach, Glasgow

Small Grants can help you develop your project ideas and test them out. Several types are available: Research, Pilot and Step, as well as Training and Help (for those already in receipt of a Go For It Main or Continuation Grant).

No match funding is required for Research, Pilot, Training or Help Grants. A 50 per cent match is required for Step Grants.

There are no deadlines for Small Grants. These are assessed on a monthly rolling programme, and you'll receive a decision within six to eight weeks of submitting your application.

Step one: check you are eligible to apply for funding

Applications must evidence an association with a Church of Scotland congregation, be focused on a project, and demonstrate a commitment to good partnership working.

There are five criteria for funding, and successful applicants will evidence how they are meeting at least two of these, with statistical information and practical examples:

  • Meeting identified needs in the community
  • Nurturing Christian faith within and beyond the church
  • Tackling poverty and/or social injustice
  • Developing new ecclesial/ Christian communities
  • Creating work which is genuinely innovative and shares good practice with others

Please complete and submit the eligibility questionnaire.

Points to note

  • Go For It will only fund one project, from one church, at any one time. Consequently you can only submit one application per church at any given time. You may only apply to Go For It for funding for a new project, once any existing funding has ceased.

  • If you are a Voluntary Sector organisation applying in partnership with a local Church of Scotland, please check carefully with the Church which is supporting the application. If they are in receipt of Go For It funding, you are not eligible to apply. Go For It will only fund one project per church at a time.

  • If you have received a Main Grant from the Go For It Fund (or the former Parish Development, Priority Areas Staffing or Emerging Ministries Funds), you are only eligible to apply for a Continuation, Training or Help Grant, for the same project work.

Step two: making your application

For more information and to apply for a Small Grant, please download the relevant application form, guidelines and an income and expenditure table. Please note that an income and expenditure table does not need to be completed for Training Grant applications.

Research Grant

Pilot Grant

Step Grant

Training Grant

Help Grant

Please contact the Go For It Team at any time to discuss your application.

Step three: what happens next?

A small group of Go For It Committee members will assess your application. Small Grants are assessed on a monthly rolling programme, and you'll receive a decision within six to eight weeks of submitting your application.