Project materials

The Aidan Project, Edinburgh

There’s lots of creativity within projects, which we’re keen to harness and share, so as many people as possible can benefit!

We're really grateful to the Grant recipients who get in touch with materials they've designed which they are happy for others to adapt for their own use. These resources build both our knowledge and that of other projects. The innovative ideas we receive can really help us to inform the working life of other groups – through this webpage we can pass on learning to other churches and organisations, to offer inspiration and avoid reinventing the wheel.

We hope you find this page useful in your search for support with different areas of development.

If your project has produced a great resource that you’d be happy to share with others, please get in touch and we’ll add it below.

Looking to recruit volunteers?

The Connections Project in Inverness has created a very inspirational volunteer leaflet as an innovative way to highlight the variety of volunteering opportunities available. Our favourite role is the underwater porcelain technician!

Trying to find new and creative ways of exploring faith with young people?

The 'Ten Must Know Bible Stories' project in Aberdeen is developing a wealth of resources to explore the Bible in primary school classes; providing teacher training and materials to embed the stories in literacy, numeracy, art, health and science lessons.

Wondering how to tackle Self-Image with your Youth Group?

The Aidan Project in Edinburgh has designed a Beauty Course with a difference for the young people they work with. Marieke, who wrote the sessions, is very keen for other Youth Leaders to benefit and will be sending us the final version of the material once it's ready.

Supporting those living with Dementia?

Mearns Kirk Lunch and Social Club for people living with Dementia provide a weekly newsletter as a very positive way of involving families. For those dealing with memory loss, the visual newsletter is an excellent way of helping relatives communicate with their loved ones about the club's regular activities and ongoing plans.