Learning and resources


The Go For It Team co-ordinate information, networking opportunities and training events to assist projects in receipt of Go For It funding, and potential applicants.

Learning and Training Events

The Go For It Team co-ordinates an annual programme of free events. Our programme for the coming months can be found here.

Go For It Annual Conference: 2 December 2019, Glasgow

Our 7th Annual Conference 'Continuing to GO FOR IT!' is open to new, experienced projects, potential Go For It applicants and grant recipients.

We will meet to consider the contribution that local projects make to society and how that impact can be maintained as we 'Continue to Go For It!'

Go For It Conference Programme. To book a place click here.

Getting started

Go For It have developed three "games" - engagement tools, which can be used as discussion starters with those involved in your project:

In addition, Appreciative Inquiry is a method of engagement that can be used to discover the strengths and potential in local people and the surrounding community. Download an Introductory Guide.

You may also want to access statistics to evidence the needs in your area; examples include the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, Parish Statistics (produced by Stats for Mission) and Health Conditions Data by Parish and Presbytery (please note that the modelling required to fit the data areas to parishes means that the health conditions data for small parishes may not be particularly accurate).

Keeping going

Go For It have produced four resources to support the development of your project:

Tracking progress

It’s important to have some simple methods in place, so you can monitor and evaluate the difference your project is making.

Evaluation Support Scotland have lots of useful resources which are free to download.

If your project’s outcomes are focused on Spiritual Growth, 3DM and Cain Movement have produced a useful learning log, six month action plan and two year goal sheet.

Employing paid staff

We have commissioned the Employers' Advice Service at GCVS (Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector) to produce briefings with advice on different aspects of employment:

The Go For It Team have collated some information on salaries, pensions and National Insurance.

The Church of Scotland Law Department also produce many helpful circulars on employment.

For more information, please contact the Go For It Team via phone (0131 225 5722) or email.