About Go For It

The Go for It Fund is now closed for applications. Congregations interested in acquiring funding should explore the Small Grants Fund.

The information on these pages is available to support projects awarded grants under the Go for It Fund.

About the Fund

Go for It was open to any Church of Scotland congregation, as well as voluntary sector organisations and faith-based groups with a close working partnership with a local Church.

To be considered, applications needed to be focused on a project that could benefit the local community and demonstrated a commitment to good partnership working. Projects had to fulfil at least two of the following criteria:

  • Meeting identified needs or strengthening assets in the community
  • Nurturing Christian faith within and beyond the Church
  • Tackling poverty and/or social injustice
  • Developing new ecclesiastical/Christian communities
  • Creating work which is genuinely innovative and shares good practice with others

Impact report

Following the General Assembly's decision to retire the Kirk's Go For It Fund, the Assembly Trustees were instructed to bring forward a closing report sharing the learning that has been gained through the life of the fund, as well as to celebrate all that has been achieved through its funded projects over the last eight years.

Two independent researchers were tasked with evaluating the impact of the fund and have now released their report.

The evaluative report, which incorporated the results of a survey of grant-holders, found that the Fund had helped to:

  • Communicate the Good News of the Gospel
  • Increase recognition in local communities
  • Engage with young people
  • Support vulnerable and isolated groups
  • Develop strong partnerships

The full report is available to read online. A copy of the executive summary is also available.

Go For It Grants


Research Grants help you find out more about the need for your work. A project might want to hold Focus Groups or distribute questionnaires to identify beneficiaries and the difference you could make.

Maximum award is £1,500


Pilot Grants let you to test out the viability of an idea. A project might want to put something in place for, say, six months or a year, and monitor progress.

Maximum award is £5,000


Step Grants are awarded in situations where the nature of the work suggests that year-by-year funding would be most appropriate. A project might feel they're not yet ready for long-term funding, but a one-year Grant would work best.

Maximum award is £5,000 per annum

Main and Continuation

Main Grants are awarded for core funding of projects that have done some research and tested out their ideas.

Maximum award is £90,000 (over a three-year period).

Continuation Grants can be awarded after a Main Grant has ceased.

Maximum award is £40,000 (over a two-year period).


Training Grants are awarded to develop the skills and knowledge of people within projects which are funded by a Go For It Main or Continuation Grant.

Maximum award is £1,500


Help Grants may be awarded once, where circumstances which could not have been reasonably foreseen create a significant opportunity or a small crisis for a project supported by a Go For It Main or Continuation Grant.

Maximum award is £2,000

Further information

You can read our Go For It Fund Impact Evaluation Report.