About Go For It

Go For It is a Fund of the Church of Scotland and was established in May 2012. It's all about funding change in church and community. The Fund aims to encourage creative ways of working, which develop the life and mission of the local church, and are transformative for both communities and congregations.

Who can apply?

Any Church of Scotland congregation is welcome to apply. If you're a Voluntary Sector organisation or another denomination or faith-based group, you're still welcome to submit an application, but we're looking for evidence that you have a close working partnership with a local Church of Scotland.

Secondly, an application must be focused on a project. For example, if you want to refurbish your church kitchen, that isn't something Go For It would fund. However if you're planning to develop a Community Cafe, and as part of that project you need to upgrade your church kitchen equipment, that is something we would consider funding.

Thirdly, an application should demonstrate a commitment to good partnership working. We want to know who you'll be actively working with in delivering the project, whether that be other denominations, the local school, Community Council, Health Centre, etc.

Finally, there are five criteria for funding, and successful applicants will evidence how they are meeting at least two of these, with statistical information and practical examples:

  • Meeting identified needs or strengthening assets in the community
  • Nurturing Christian faith within and beyond the church
  • Tackling poverty and/or social injustice
  • Developing new ecclesial/ Christian communities
  • Creating work which is genuinely innovative and shares good practice with others

See some funded projects in action

Points to note

  • Go For It will only fund one project, from one church, at any one time. Consequently, you can only submit one application per church, at any given time. You may only apply to Go For It for funding for a new project once any existing funding has ceased.
  • If you are a Voluntary Sector organisation applying in partnership with a local Church of Scotland, please check carefully with the Church that is supporting the application. If they are in receipt of Go For It funding, you are not eligible to apply. Go For It will only fund one project per church at a time.

  • If you have received a Main Grant from the Go For It Fund (or the former Parish Development, Priority Areas Staffing or Emerging Ministries Funds), you are only eligible to apply for a Continuation, Training, or Help Grant, for the same project work.

Go For It Grants


Research Grants help you find out more about the need for your work. A project might want to hold Focus Groups or distribute questionnaires to identify beneficiaries and the difference you could make.

Maximum award is £1,500


Pilot Grants let you to test out the viability of an idea. A project might want to put something in place for, say, six months or a year, and monitor progress.

Maximum award is £5,000


Step Grants are awarded in situations where the nature of the work suggests that year-by-year funding would be most appropriate. A project might feel they're not yet ready for long-term funding, but a one-year Grant would work best.

Maximum award is £5,000 per annum

Main and Continuation

Main Grants are awarded for core funding of projects that have done some research and tested out their ideas.

Maximum award is £90,000 (over a three-year period).

Continuation Grants can be awarded after a Main Grant has ceased.

Maximum award is £40,000 (over a two-year period).


Training Grants are awarded to develop the skills and knowledge of people within projects which are funded by a Go For It Main or Continuation Grant.

Maximum award is £1,500


Help Grants may be awarded once, where circumstances which could not have been reasonably foreseen create a significant opportunity or a small crisis for a project supported by a Go For It Main or Continuation Grant.

Maximum award is £2,000

Ready to Go For It?

Find out how to apply for a Small Grant.

Find out how to apply for a Main or Continuation Grant.

If you need more information, you can contact the Go For It Team, within the Church of Scotland's Ministries Council, by phone (0131 225 5722) or email.

You can also browse our Frequently Asked Questions.

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