Education and support

The Faith Nurture Forum recruits, trains, and supports people in the recognised ministries of the Church of Scotland.

Education and support services include:

  • Identifying appropriately called and gifted people to train for recognised ministries
  • Developing and implementing educational pathways for those accepted into training for ministry within the Church
  • Supporting people to transfer from other denominations into the ministries of the Church
  • Delivering pastoral support to those involved in the recognised ministries of the Church through local pastoral networks, direct one-to-one engagement, and by providing occupational health support, counselling, mediation, and conflict resolution services
  • Offering vocational guidance and life-long learning opportunities for ministries personnel through in-service events, self-directed learning, and a study leave programme


Being a minister is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs in Scotland. It requires leadership, resilience, compassion, and energy. The role of parish minister is at the very heart of Scotland's communities and central to the Kirk's 1,200 congregations.

Check out the ministry section to learn more about the journey into the recognised ministries of the Church of Scotland.

This section includes information on discernment conversations, training, discernment, study, work placements, conferences, and more.


Ascend brings together a range of services and opportunities for those in ministry. The heart of Ascend is to provide a creative and safe space that enables meaningful support and development.

We hope the services and opportunities of Ascend benefit all of you in ministry, serving God throughout the local communities throughout the Church.

Ascend's Core Services include:

  • Conferences
  • Ministerial Development Conversation
  • Pastoral Supervision
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching
  • Postgraduate Fund
  • CMD Opportunities
  • Spiritual Accompaniment
  • First Five Years Support
  • Study Leave
  • Counselling and Therapy.

Where to find us

At Ascend Online you can find out about our core services, book a Ministerial Development Conversation, find useful resources, and browse the latest news and events. You also apply for Study Leave, Postgraduate Funding, and IME fund via our easy-to-use web forms.