Stewardship Contacts in Your Area

Our team of Stewardship Consultants are home-based, each covering specific geographical areas to resource congregations of the Church of Scotland for the work they do in their communities and further afield.

The consultants help to plan and develop the congregations’ Stewardship programme. The Consultants will help congregations with ideas, conferences, programmes, planning, teaching, training and implementation, and delivery of agreed strategies as well as liaising with Presbyteries and meeting with them when required.

Consultants will endeavour to help congregations to challenge their membership on the generous giving and sharing of their time, their gifts and abilities, and their wealth and possessions. Stewardship is not just about money, though money is an important resource for the whole work of the Church.

The service of the Consultants and corresponding resources available direct from the department are provided free of charge to support congregations in this work.

For all Stewardship enquires in all areas:

Contact the Stewardship Department at or call the Stewardship and Finance Department at 0131 225 5722