Travel and Transport

Congregations may now consider re-establishing ‘travel to church' schemes for those who struggle to attend otherwise. It is important that if people are sharing a car with anyone from another household numbers should be limited to as few as possible, ideally no more than two, and face coverings should be worn. The car must be cleaned regularly and ideally after each person has been dropped off, with particular attention paid to high-risk touch points such as door handles, electronic buttons, and seat belts. A general-purpose detergent is sufficient unless a symptomatic or confirmed case of COVID-19 has been in the vehicle, in which case a disinfectant (e.g. chlorine-based product) should be used. It is likely that given the cleaning regime outlined only one person can be collected by a driver before worship and then returned home by the same driver and thereafter the cleaning can take place. All who collect individuals for worship and participate in such a scheme should ensure they have appropriate insurance and follow any safeguarding protocols.

Where a congregation operates a minibus then a Risk Assessment should be undertaken. There are useful resources to assist, including sample Risk Assessments on the Community Transport Association website.