Tasks of Ministry

Along with leading worship many individuals providing a ministry within a community have many regular congregational and community focussed demands. Those involved in ministry will need to consider the appropriate way to undertake these tasks to ensure that they are not acting as a bridge for transmitting the virus.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care visits can be undertaken in people's homes; however, care should be taken and face coverings should be worn. Those visiting and being visited should all consider taking a lateral flow test in advance and it is important to keep a physical distance. There should be no more than three households present at any one time. It should be remembered that outside is better than inside and that windows should be open when inside to improve ventilation.

No person, either visitor or person being visited should feel under pressure to meet in a house and, where necessary, space should be made available within the church building or another location for such visits.

Schools and School Chaplaincy

Many involved in ministry offer regular support to schools. At present schools are still under different restrictions and individuals must follow the school policies when undertaking chaplaincy or other duties. Many schools are now allowing chaplains to support individual pupils or small groups. The school and local authority will have the final say over whether schools-based work can take place. Those entering a school to lead an in-person event should carefully consider the implications for their health, the health of their family and the ongoing support of a community should they catch an infection or be told to isolate for a ten-day period. At this stage in the pandemic it is recommended that all school activity take place online if at all possible.