Distributing Materials

A number of congregations are issuing materials such as newsletters, service transcripts andDVDs.However, as with the previous period of lockdown it is important that every care and precaution is made in preparing and distributing materials. This means:

  • One person, or as few people as possible, copies or prepares mailings and adheres to all proper hand hygiene guidelines
  • Congregations can make doorstep deliveries utilising the minimum number of volunteers and ensuring that volunteers follow proper hygiene rules at all times
  • If congregations are producing activity packs the minimum number of individuals possible should physically create the packs and follow all relevant guidance on hygiene and use of premises.

Some congregations have made use of a ‘dead drop' box, putting a box with leaflets or items outside the church grounds with a notice to ‘sanitise your hands and help yourself'. In certain situations, this may prove a helpful tool to distribute materials.