Latest updates

Updates from the Church of Scotland, to help churches manage the Coronavirus/COVID-19 lockdown. This page will be updated when new advice becomes available from NHS Scotland and the UK Government.

Guidance on reshaping church life and reopening and looking after church buildings

Our two-part guidance, Reshaping Church Life and Reopening and Looking after your Church Buildings, has been updated to reflect the further easing of restrictions in Scotland.

Reshaping Church Life has been updated to include two new sections. The first, on how to ensure that church buildings can Worship safely during the busy Christmas period, especially in relation to cleaning and sanitising spaces. Secondly, a new section on end of term school arrangements offering possibilities for engagement with schools where, in the vast majority of situations Government guidance does not permit schools to make use of church buildings for end of term services and nativities.

Both of these sections are continually reviewed and updated to take account of changes to government policy and legislation, so we encourage you to check them on a regular basis.

On the Assisting NHS Test and Protect page, appendices have been updated, along with information about collecting and storing data.

End of the Furlough Scheme

The UK Government Furlough Scheme will reach its planned end on 30 September 2021, by which time congregations should ensure that their employees are brought back to their pre-furlough role or any changes to posts that may be required are fully considered. Congregations wishing guidance on this should contact the Law Department ( using the subject heading "Furlough Scheme".

Church of Scotland COVID-19 Group

A group is meeting on a weekly basis to compile guidance.

Group Members:

  • Brian Auld, Assistant Secretary (Safe Buildings), General Trustees
  • Graham Biggerstaff, General Trustees (Convener, Safe Buildings, General Trustees)
  • Eva Elder, Admin Team Manager, GT's
  • Rev Dr John Ferguson, Parish Minister and Clerk to Presbytery of Aberdeen and Shetland
  • Rev Bryan Kerr, Parish Minister and Clerk to Presbytery of Lanark
  • Mary Macleod, Solicitor of the Church
  • Ruth MacLeod, Head of Communications
  • Rev Angus R. Mathieson, Partnership Development Secretary
  • Rev Dr George Whyte, Principal Clerk