General Assembly Youth Reps

General Assembly youth reps

Alongside the 10 National Youth Assembly reps, each presbytery is invited to send a youth rep (aged 18-25) to the General Assembly 2019; if every place is filled that would mean 56 young people taking part. Youth reps spend the week together and far from being dull, everyone who goes says it’s one of the best weeks of their year.

Anyone interested in being a presbytery rep should download the job description and nomination form, have a read through and think about whether this is something you would like to do. If you are interested, download and complete the nomination form (it is the same form for each presbytery). Then send the form to your presbytery clerk by 1st February 2019.

On the form you need to give some details about yourself and why you want to be a rep, and then get two different people to nominate you (one of them needs to be your minister or youth worker). The form also needs signed at the bottom by your minister. Putting your name forward does not mean you will get chosen, but if you do not put your name forward then you definitely will not!

A youth rep does not need to be a youth worker or someone involved in work with children and young people in the church, all we ask for is a young person willing to give their views on all aspects of the work of the Church of Scotland. Also, while we would prefer it if a youth rep is able to be there for the whole week we recognise that it is not always possible given that the assembly falls during university exam time. Therefore a youth rep is able to attend only for part of the week if necessary; for example over the last few years we have had youth reps leave to attend exams and come back the next day. We just need to know at least two months in advance for our accommodation booking.

In order to make the GA youth rep experience available to as many people as possible we recommended that an individual can attend a maximum of four GA s (as a presbytery and/or NYA representative) and only two consecutive General Assemblies on behalf of a presbytery. However we prioritise filling these places over strictly adhering to these recommendations.


Friday 17th May (at 16:30) - Friday 24th May (at 17:00) 2019


Assembly Hall, the Mound and accommodation at the Holiday Inn Express, Cowgate


Nothing – accommodation is provided while money spent on food and travel will be reimbursed (up to £15 a day for food)

Reasons to do it from someone who has ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’:

  • The General Assembly is an excellent way for young adults to become enthused by their church and grow in their faith. I think everyone who goes to GA comes away stunned at the breadth of the Kirk's work and enthused by all that is happening across the country.
  • Far from GA being a 'dull week of debate' it is a week of learning the good news of the Church's work, and experiencing unforgettable worship.
  • Going to General Assembly is an incredible opportunity to meet other young adults in the church, to have fellowship and make close friends. All youth representatives stay together in one place (the Holiday Inn, 300 Cowgate, Edinburgh) and live with each other for the duration of the Assembly.
  • Discussions and preparatory sessions ensure that youth representatives know what is going on and can contribute significantly to debate at GA.
  • The whole Kirk benefits from the contribution of GA Youth Reps who represent an important voice. It was my experience that many Commissioners at GA found our presence as Youth Representatives to be deeply encouraging and praised our contributions to debate.
  • On top of all that there is also the opportunity to get dressed up for an evening reception at Holyrood Palace.

General Assembly Youth reps poster