Aspirations for children and youth ministry

Aspirations for Ministry is a resource designed to help congregations, and the wider Church, develop ministry with children and young people.

Presented in this resource are the aspirations that were accepted by General Assembly 2018, each the practical outworking of a theological principle and offered with questions for congregations to consider. We hope it will be a valuable resource in assisting you to build on the Year of Young People, rooting such developments within a theological framework.

Whilst these aspirations have been developed for the purpose of developing congregations’ ministries with children and young people, they are in fact relevant to the whole Church community. To get the best out of them, we suggest you enable the whole congregation to explore them rather than giving the resource just to those working with your children and young people.

There are many different ways your congregation may choose to engage with the resource:

  • Set aside time to explore each aspiration over the course of several Kirk Session meetings
  • Use the material provided as a series for home groups gathering people together at the end to combine ideas
  • Run a sermon series based on the material, coming together after each for discussion on how to apply the ideas
  • Gather a group of interested people together for a day to discuss how the aspirations can be worked out in your context.

We invite you to choose whichever method you think will work best for your congregation. Why not revisit them regularly and use them as a check point for your youth work?

Getting a copy

Every Session Clerk has been sent a hard copy of the resource and you can download an electronic copy here. If you would like further hard copies to use in your congregation please request contact Catriona Munro in the Mission and Discipleship Council office

To aid you further, we are currently producing a series of posters for you to display in your buildings and a set of discussion cards for you to use.

As you engage with these resources we would be gladdened to hear how you are embedding the aspirations in your congregation and to be able to share your success stories and challenges with others. To this end please email