Perth minister takes on challenges from Facebook donors

Rev Marc Bircham
Rev Marc Bircham

A Perthshire minister is planning to raise funds for a church and community hub by travelling around Scotland, visiting landmarks and completing a series of physical challenges, bizarre tasks and random acts of kindness along the way.

Rev Marc Bircham, minister of St Madoes and Kinfauns Parish Church will be taking to the road around noon on Sunday after the Church service. And from the 5-10 June he will be on the road.

But he can't tell us where he's going or what-- exactly-- he will be doing because he doesn't know. On Sunday he will choose one of three golden envelopes to discover his first challenge and his first destination.

Then for the next five days he'll take orders from his team at home in Glencarse-- and the Facebook audience.

Each day the highest bidder will get to suggest a challenge for Marc and the more donations roll in, the more challenges Marc will have to do.

Rev Marc Bircham as Captain Awesome Rev Marc Bircham as Captain Awesome.

"We have prearranged some of the places he will go and the acts of kindness, but Marc doesn't know anything about it," said Marc's wife Mrs Anthea Bircham. "We'll just give him his instructions as and when he needs them."

Facebook donors will be able to suggest challenges for Marc through the Facebook page "I'm a Minister, Get me out of here."

Marc took on the challenge with the aim of raising £8,000 for the new £1.55 million Madoch Centre in Glencarse.

"Our school has no gym, there is no place for older people to get together and we have no daycare for the elderly in the whole of the Carse of Gowrie," Anthea said. "So this church and community hub will make all the difference."

"We're really looking to challenge social isolation and loneliness and our other goal is to raise fitness levels across our whole community. We are working with Sports Scotland to help us do that."

You can also donate by texting £10 to MADO17 on 70070.