New online briefings will help churches hold election events

The Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office has put together a collection of topical briefings in advance of the Scottish elections.

With a 'how to' section designed to help churches host election events along with briefings on all the key issues the new resource has everything you need to hold an election meeting or hustings event.

The briefings will give church members the information they need to question political candidates and take part in the wider public debate.

The subjects covered are: Economy; Constitution, People and Parliament; Policing, Crime and Punishment; Education; Food Poverty, Housing and Homelessness; Land Reform; Health; Refugees and Migration; Europe and External Affairs; and Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

The briefings collection, called "EXPLORE Faith and the Scottish Elections 2016", includes a 'how to' guide that explains how churches can organise their own hustings events.

Chloe Clemmons, Scottish Churches Parliamentary Officer, said she hopes the briefings will be widely used.

"This great resource draws on expertise across Scottish Churches to stimulate discussion on topical issues from the economy to education and the environment. For each subject we have included up to date information and some questions which can be used for personal reflection, group discussion or askedto candidates and their representatives. The resource also includes a handy guide to holding a local election meeting."