Latest Credit Union service opens in Lanarkshire church

Provost of South Lanarkshire, Councillor Eileen Logan, opens the new weekly drop in service at Kirkton Church.

The Church is welcoming the latest branch of the Credit Union movement with Lanarkshire Credit Union operating a weekly drop in service at Carluke's Kirkton Church. It means the town's residents now have a regular opportunity for face to face contact with one of the UK's largest credit unions.

Sue Kehoe is a member of Kirkton Church and the local Community Council. Sue says "We were aware that many people are under financial pressures and wanted to offer an alternative to the loan companies which charge exorbitant interest rates. We were delighted to be able to work in partnership with Lanarkshire Credit Union as it would have been more difficult to go it alone. The Church is well placed and we made it available free of charge for the service. We now have a team of 10 volunteers and the churches in the town, Carluke Community Council and Lanarkshire Credit Union have been most supportive. We aim to offer a face to face service that will benefit anyone who needs it every Monday morning between 10 and 12 noon."

The service was officially opened by theProvost of South Lanarkshire, Councillor Eileen Logan, who was delighted towelcome the Credit Union to the ward she represents.

Lanarkshire Credit Union's Allister Cassells says "Credit Unions have a very different business model to banks and serve the whole community, meaning people don't have to approach payday lenders or other high cost lenders. We also offer Life Savings Protection at no extra cost which could provide your family with a single lump sum payment to cover end of life expense in the event of your death."

Founded in 1991, it was originally known as the Blantyre and South LanarkshireCredit Union. It has expanded over the years to serve anyone who lives or works in Lanarkshire. It's now one of the largest Credit Unions in Britain, with over 14,000 members and more than £14 million in assets. The credit union's Savvy Savers schools project has been a particular success, attracting more than 7,000 junior depositors most of which come from their Savvy Savers Project which works with over 80 schools across South Lanarkshire.

Lanarkshire Credit Union also has branches in Blantyre and Rutherglen which are open six days a week, and a branch in Larkhall which is open Monday to Friday.

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