General Assembly – Highlights of the week

General Assembly 2016
General Assembly 2016 Thursday 26 May.

The highlights of the General Assembly 2016 are now available through a range of online resources.

You can watch video clips of some of the key moments provided by the webcast team, including the election of the Moderator and his daily worship, the Archbishop of Canterbury's historic speechduring the Columba Declaration debate, and the address by the retiring Moderator.

Watch video highlight clips here.

Summaries of the week's business have been provided through podcasts by Rev Douglas Aitken, which are available to read and listen to, and now to watch as a video with images added which match the commentary.Two comprehensive reports have been provided by Douglas and his team each day.

Listen to podcasts explaining each day's events here.

Further commentary has been provided by the editorial team from Life and Work magazine, who have also provided a daily summary of the business.

Check out Life and Work's reporting here.

There has been widespread media coverage of the General Assembly, whichis summarised in each day's Church in the News update.

Stunning images collated from each day of the Assembly, including the Heart & Soul Festival, are available through the website and also the Church's Facebook page.

View photos of the General Assembly 2016 onChurch of Scotland's Facebook page.

The latest updated reports and minutes will be added to the GeneralAssembly page in due course.