Joint working group formed with Scottish Episcopal Church

A joint working group is being created to further the common goals shared by the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Episcopal Church. The "Our Common Calling" initiative was agreed at the recent meeting of the Church's Ecumenical Relations Committee and the Inter Church Relations Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church on the 12th of May. The gathering was described as a lively and positive by those who attended and explored ways in which the relationship between the two churches could be developed within the Scottish context.

The convener of the Ecumenical Relations Committee, Rev Alison McDonald, says they are excited by the prospect of taking forward conversations with the Scottish Episcopal Church.

"As two Scottish churches which spring from the Reformation, we share a common commitment and a common calling to be the Church in the Scotland of today. There was a strong level of agreement and a desire to explore our common calling , and that will form the basis of our discussions as we begin work in the autumn. I look forward to welcoming Rt Rev Mark Strange, Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness as an Ecumenical Delegate to the General Assembly next week, as well as Rev John McLuckie, Convener and Ms Elspeth Davey, Secretary of the Inter Church Relations Committee who will join the Committee for our Report."

The Rev Canon John McLuckie commented:

"Our Inter-Church Relations Committee was delighted to join with the Church of Scotland's Ecumenical Relations Committee for the second of our joint annual meetings. Such meetings have been arranged with the enthusiastic support of our Faith and Order Board. This year we were able to develop proposals for a joint working group to undertake more focussed work for the future of our shared mission in a rapidly changing Scotland. The Faith and Order Board will be invited at its next meeting to make appointments to the proposed working group."

The "Our Common Calling" working group is due to hold its first meeting in the early autumn to take forward the new initiative. The conversation will have an emphasis on what is happening in local settings across the country as well as addressing the theology that underpins our shared mission.