Big turnout for first On The Road planning event

Around one hundred people with an interest in the Church of Scotland have taken part in the first On The Road roadshow in Glasgow to help plan the future of the Church to 2020 and beyond. Dozens joinedchurch staff in Renfield St Stephen’s Church on Saturday 10 September for a day of presentations and facilitated discussions on the big issues facing the denomination. Booking is highly recommended for theother roadshows nowhappening across the country from London to Lerwick over the next three months. See images from the day in our Facebook gallery.

Large turn out for gathering at Renfield St Stephen's
Almost one hundred people attended the first On The Road event in Glasgow at Renfield St Stephen's church.
Rev Dr Martin Scott
Rev Dr Martin Scott was delighted at the enthusiasm shown and ideas shared.

“The thing which surprised me most was how many people attended whom I had not met before,” says Rev Dr Martin Scott, the Secretary to the Council of Assembly, who helped lead the event. “It was great to see so many fresh faces, and I hope it is a welcome sign people are embracing this opportunity to get involved in planning the future of our church. I saw people sharing ideas and enthusiasm both for the national church and for things they could try in their own congregations.The strong impression I had was that people were enjoying the process. It bodes well for the future.”

The On The Road events are designed to give those attending the opportunity for discussion and comment on issues like the role of ministry and the future of the Church.Short presentations offer material for comment and feedback.The On The Road events were initiated to give everyone across the church the opportunity to be included in a process which will help plot the course for the church over the coming decade.

Dr Scott says “People were really interested in hearing plans for trying out Hub ministry, which were presented to the General Assembly this year. We need more ministers, and we are encouraging people who feel a call to ministry to explore that further.In the meantime, I firmly believe that developing the Hub model will help address some of the challenges we face in maintaining thriving congregations as more of our current ministers reach retirement age. It was good to see people wanting to find out more about this.”

“I really hoped these events would catch people’s imagination and the interest so far has been really positive, with lots of people registering onlinein advance. The booking system helps us plan our catering and staff numbers to make sure the events go well, but we do not mind if people turn up on the day. They just might have to share a sandwich!”

Members discussed church plans at the On the Road event.
People attending the event were able to discuss and comment on the plans for the future of the Church to 2020 and beyond.