A prayer for Brussels and for peace

In Peace by Douglas Scortegagna
PHOTO: In peace by Douglas Scortegagna

As news comes in this morning of the attack in Brussels, our thoughts are inevitably with those caught up in the unfolding violence. Today Church representatives are meeting with Scottish Muslim leaders to launch a joint effort to explore ethical finance. That meeting may seem unimportant in comparison to what is happening in Brussels. Yet, in a tiny way, we hope and pray it is sowing a seed of hope in a field of hopelessness. Here is our prayer for all those caught up in the violence in Brussels.



in a world of fear and terror,

we believe that all people are made in your image.

As we gather here this morning,

to plan for a fairer world,

one that reflects your love and compassion,

we pray for those caught up in this morning's attacks in Brussels.

For those who have lost their lives;

for those who have been injured;

for those fearing bad news and desperately hoping for good news;

for those offering care;

for those trying to bring safety;

for the victims of violence and the perpetrators of it.

In a moment of quiet, we remember them …



you call us not just to be the keepers of peace

but the makers of peace.

For this gift we pray.