In this month's Our Church we hear from the Rev Laurence Twaddle, minister of the Church of Scotland congregation in Geneva.

Embedded in the heart of the Old Town of Geneva is the Auditoire de Calvin, the spiritual home of the Church of Scotland congregation.

Statue of William Farel, John Calvin, Theodore Beza, and John Knox
The Reformation Wall in Geneva, with statues of William Farel, John Calvin, Theodore Beza, and John Knox.

The Church of Scotland in Geneva is an English-speaking Presbyterian/Reformed Church, whose congregation is made up of many different nationalities and denominations.

It is a dynamic community, with new people arriving - and others moving on, almost every week. This is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Newcomers and visitors of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join us. Our service is in English, which is appreciated by many from across the world whose first or second language is English.

We number around 200 families from Geneva and the surrounding area including Vaud and neighbouring France, and have a wide range of activities to promote Christian service and fellowship for all age-groups and interests.

The outside of the Auditoire de Calvin
The congregation worships at the Auditoire de Calvin where John Knox was once based

Our links in this delightful city go back to the days when the Scot, John Knox, ministered here - alongside John Calvin; but today we are a contemporary community, seeking to be a place of shelter and inspiration to all who seek what Christ offers us.

Visitors are always very welcome.

As part of the International Presbytery, we enjoy working together with Ministers and Elders from all kinds of different and interesting settings, from Lisbon to Lausanne, Rome to Rotterdam.

Inside the conservatoire de Calvin
Inside the Conservatoire de Calvin

For some years now we have been involved in mission projects in Malawi and in Nepal.

In Ekwendeni we fund a youth centre for AIDS and HIV education among young people - while in Nepal we have a long connection with the Leprosy Hospital in Lalgadh. Regular visits in both direction help make sure this is a real connection that goes beyond simply funding projects, but rather is embodied in friendships and shared experiences that go deep.

You can find out more about the Church of Scotland in Geneva via their website or on Facebook.