Ness Bank Church - reaching out with light, hope - and food

By Rev Fiona Smith.

The beautiful building of Ness Bank Church rests majestically on the banks of the River Ness in the heart of the City of Inverness. The congregation was formed in 1787. They moved into this glorious building in 1901 and 116 years later they continue to thrive.

Ness Bank Church from the outside
Ness Bank Church

Congregation & Community

Ness Bank Church building however holds a secret - it is like Dr Who's tardis - it is bigger on the inside than the outside! How? Underneath the magnificent sanctuary lies an enormous suite of halls - this congregation had a vision for their building in 1901 that it should be used to serve the congregation and the community and this vision remains true today.

Our halls and rooms are in use almost every day of the year, even Christmas Day! And this is all down to the vision, the faith and the hard work of the congregation when they created the space and put in a large, professional kitchen six years ago - from that kitchen 1000s of meals have been prepared and served since then to the elderly, to youngsters coming for Messy church and week in week out to the homeless and vulnerable in Inverness.

Inside Ness Bank Church
A service in Ness Bank Church


Our kitchen is part of our mission at Ness Bank to be a church without walls that reaches out into our city with light, with hope and with food!

Our halls have become a visible sign of what is at the heart of our congregation which is the love of the Lord, our God and the love for our neighbour. Ness Bank church is becoming known as a place where all are welcomed, all are accepted and all our loved.

lunch club at Ness Bank
Meals are provided for the whole community

Caring for others

This vision and mission which is at the heart of Ness Bank is breaking down the barriers that have built up over the years between church and the wider society - we are increasingly seen today as a church that is alive; as a church that cares deeply for others.

The kitchen as well as the ongoing work to upgrade the halls that continues is what has enabled our mission to grow.