Nominate the 2022-23 Moderator of the General Assembly

The Committee to Nominate the Moderator is now ready to receive recommendations for the person who will be nominated as Moderator of the General Assembly in May 2022.


The person elected will serve until the opening day of the 2023 General Assembly.

Any member of the Church of Scotland can recommend a minister, elder or deacon (i.e. a member of the diaconate) for consideration by the Committee using the recommendation form.

Very Rev Dr Martin Fair, who passed the role of being the Kirk's ambassador to the current Moderator, Lord Wallace, at last May's General Assembly, said:

"I'm thoroughly looking forward to convening the committee as we seek to sense God's leading in terms of who shall be our Moderator for General Assembly 2022, Dr Fair said.

"I'm very much hoping that people from across the whole of the Church of Scotland will reflect and pray about this matter and be ready to offer names for the committee's consideration. And I hope that people will know that the committee is entirely open and looks forward to being excited about the range of names that will come too it - perhaps some tried and tested candidates and others who will come from ‘left field.

"Of this we are sure, that the Church faces all kinds of challenges in the days ahead and we need the right person to lead us forward as we face up to all that is before us."

Completed forms should be returned to Nicola Nicholls at by Friday 13 August 2021. The consent of the person being recommended needs to be obtained before the form is submitted. The committee asks that there is only one form submitted for each recommendee.

As well as chairing the General Assembly the Moderator acts as an ambassador for the Church of Scotland at home and abroad. Read more about the duties of the Moderator.

The Moderator of the General Assembly is a full-time role and he or she is provided with a flat in Edinburgh during their time of service. Every effort is made to ensure that they are not out of pocket by giving time to this task.

Please give this request your prayerful consideration. Do you know someone who would have the gifts and experience to fulfil this calling? If you do, download the Form and make a recommendation.

Moderator of the General Assembly in May 2022 Recommendation Form